Lesson Planning App - A case study

Euan Tees

As a peripatetic music teacher, paper is unfeasible with the amount of schools I visit per week (i'm at 16!) and need something that I can carry around. I do a lot of 1 to 1 tuition and some group teaching of no more than 5 for most of my schools (i'm a brass and ukulele teacher). However the wider opportunities scheme is heavily pushed here in Hertfordshire and I personally do about 10 sessions a week of teaching the entire class an instrument over the course of a year.

In this scenario I would typically take the role of delivering all that year group's music learning for that year, and it has recently become apparent that we need to do more than just drop in, teach them a few tunes and leave. Now, with a tighter ofsted framework, we have to really integrate the curriculum (or whatever syllabus the school is using) into the instrumental learning.

This is where the planning is really coming into it's own. I can build my lesson plans and keep them all with me in theTeacherCloud's Lesson Planning app to make it fit to what i'm doing instrumentally (with songs, tunes musical games etc.)

It's a wonderfully elegant app that really does make constructing a lesson plan a breeze. Regular updates and friendly communication means the app is getting tweaked and improved all the time.

I believe it could be exactly what a lot of teachers are looking for.

Euan Tees
Peripatetic Music Teacher
Hertfordshire Music Service